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Hawaii People's Fund is a Community-Based Public Foundation

Collectively, we support gather and strengthen

local grassroots movements for

justice and progressive change.

Funding for Social Change
Hawaii People's Fund 2016 Grants
Proposals due by 5 pm March 1
Eligibility information, guidelines, application forms on the Grants page
of this website!
If you have questions, please don't wait until the last minute:
call our office at 808-593-9969 (Honolulu).

You can make a donation to Hawaii People’s Fund for yourself or in honor of someone else.

(Let us know, we’ll let them know how fantastic is that that you’ve made a gift in their name.)

Just click on the Blue Button above!


Wishing you

Peace, Joy, Power and Equity for the New Year

We all have a stake in social justice!



This Website is about BUILDING A MOVEMENT!

Learn about grassroots organizations working in Hawai‘i.

Post events, share information, photos, videos, etc.

Got a question for Hawai‘i People's Fund?
Call (808) 593-9969 on Oahu.
Send us an e-mail.
Visit the website.

With YOUR help, Hawai‘i People's Fund supports

those who are building a future for the islands

based on justice, equality and inclusion.


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Funding Social Change in Hawai‘i Since 1972


Community Funds & Action!

Learn more about Hawaii People's Fund from this 40th anniversary program.

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We are a grassroots organization working for social change.

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             Join a collective of your neighbors,

         real and virtual, who share your values:

       Hawaii People’s Fund partners in change.


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