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Hawaii People's Fund is a Community-Based Public Foundation

Collectively, we support gather and strengthen

local grassroots movements for

justice and progressive change.

Holiday Expense – Holiday Excess

Hawaii People’s Fund encourages you to resist the seasonal temptation to spend too much money and buy a lot of stuff for people who don’t need it.


The holidays can be a time to connect with gratitude, spend quality time with those we love, wear sparkly things, sing out loud, and be kind.


Instead of buying something, why not come up with a coupon that offers

a treasure or talent that is fully yours and will be so appreciated by the receiver?

You can also make a donation to Hawaii People’s Fund for yourself or in honor of someone else.

(Let us know, we’ll let them know how fantastic is that that you’ve made a gift in their name.)

Just click on the Blue Button above!


OK, if you must do some shopping, and find yourself on Amazon, please consider using AmazonSmile. Same company, all the same stuff, all the same prices, but Amazon will share a percentage of your spending with Hawaii People’s Fund. Start HERE or click on the boxes.

Wishing you

Peace, Joy, and Equity for the Holiday Season

We all have a stake in social justice!



This Website is about BUILDING A MOVEMENT!

Learn about grassroots organizations working in Hawai‘i.

Post events, share information, photos, videos, etc.

Got a question for Hawai‘i People's Fund?
Call (808) 593-9969 on Oahu.
Send us an e-mail.
Visit the website.

With YOUR help, Hawai‘i People's Fund supports

those who are building a future for the islands

based on justice, equality and inclusion.


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