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Support responsible food system employers!

More restaurants are providing healthy and locally sourced foods. More of us have demanded this and appreciate the response of food services. Some are pricey, but locally sourced edibles are working their way into even plate lunches.


All along the food chain, there are people at work. As conscious consumers, while we call for food security, we cannot ignore…


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Thanks to the Banks!

UNITE/HERE Local 5 has been reaching out to connect its members, leadership with community members and community leaders for several years.

On May 19, a conference was held to look deeply at the issues that matter to all of us, to be clear about what is needed for our quality of life, to launch a new political movement.

Local 5 Secretary…


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Drop the I-Word and Let Dreams Live!

Social change is inevitable, if not always what we imagine or desire. Attitudes that were widely held a few generations ago are now generally considered inconceivable and ideas currently considered to be way out on the fringe may someday be dead-center in the mainstream. Bold actions taken by a few that most of us would not choose or even understand often open the way for lasting change.



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Alternatives to Incarceration

Ohana Ho'opakele on Hawai'i Island has been working for years to gain acceptance of culturally appropriate alternatives to prison that can promote actual healing. Over 500 people have already signed their petition to establish pu'uhonua instead of building more prisons.

It seems this movement is picking up steam with the possible passage of a bill…


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There is another America.

Writer Barbara Kingsolver on Occupy in her own Tennessee and beyond:

We have never been here before, not right here exactly, you and me together in the golden and gritty places all at once, on deadline, no fooling around this time, no longer walking politely around the dire colossus, the so-called American Way of consecrated corporate profits and crushed public compassion. There is another America.…


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Economic Justice on Everyone's Mind

Let's capture our moment: the movement has taken center stage. Our voices are being heard, our messages are being considered.

Check out Hawaii Public Television:

     For the next three weeks on INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII…


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Something's Happening Here...

Rumblings and street action. Solidarity with hotel workers, with Wall Street resisters, with the 99%, with the PEOPLE.


Boycott Hyatt. Speak out for economic justice. Learn about Alternatives to APEC.


Protest, resist, educate, tweet, dance and be at the CENTER of creating social CHANGE.


Some links for learning and…


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Much Ado

Sometimes there is SO much going on, locally and globally,

culturally and politically and more. It can be very challenging to PAY

attention and that is when important things slip by us.

E maka‘ala; stay alert.

Check out the events posted on the calendar.

Take a look at the latest inspirational video additions.

Add… Continue

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Why I Got Arrested

Responsible Tourism

Last week I heard someone on national radio say that his idea of a week in Hawai‘i was “all fun and no responsibility.” I’ve been upset ever since.

The Hawaiian value of kuleana…


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Blowing in the Wind

Big winds these days in Honolulu town.

A few nights ago, a paper that for too many years has been taped to my front window at home, blew off. It’s the cover of Honolulu Weekly dated October, 2002.

Let Your Voice Be Heard.…


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Out of the Box

Boxes and packets arrived this week filled with descriptions of earnest and creative efforts from almost every island! March 1 was the deadline for grant proposals for the Spring grantmaking cycle of Hawaii People's Fund.

No foundation can ever fund all the requests that arrive. It's the hard work of our Grantmakers to select those we are able to support.

AND it's the generous contributions of our donors that allow us to make these selections!… Continue

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Make a Difference EVERY Day

It's always a time for giving. Community needs exist before and after the "holiday" season. Social change is a long-term effort. Hawaii People's Fund invests for in work for justice and social change for right now and for the future.

The root causes for social problems must be addressed to really make positive social change. While we do not directly fund social services, we recognize that critical issues need immediate attention. Those who get to decide where the big money goes often… Continue

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From Our Spring Intern

A Page in the Life of a Hawaiʻi People’s Fund Intern

by Danielle Cohen

I arrived in Honolulu two-and-a-half years ago in a spontaneous effort to trade in cold Canadian winters for warm tropical breezes and palm tree-lined beaches, a story not all that unfamiliar to the many others who have migrated to Hawaiʻi in search of “paradise.” I had recently returned to university in search of a career that would positively contribute to… Continue

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My Big Passion

My Big Passion lately is how to market justice. How can we inspire people to take notice and get active?

Billions to Blackwater. Private militias with no accountability rake in the bucks and do the dirty work that even the US military won’t or can’t take care of. Billions to wars without end, without reason.

Thousands of Americans have died. Tens of thousands of US military are injured—probably more if they could quantify how many have PTSD. Hundreds of thousands of… Continue

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Food For the Soul

Hawai‘i People's Fund learns about and supports community programs that are touching lives and creating positive, progressive change. Last week at the Hawai‘i Youth Services Network meeting, I got to hear presentations from four different youth programs working with at-risk kids who traditional systems do not have the capacity to serve.

These are teenagers often about to drop out; kids coming from poverty, from families where one or both… Continue

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From Mountain Top to Mountain Top

Hawai‘i People’s Fund is one of 16 regional social justice foundations with membership in the Funding Exchange network. The opportunity to share with and learn from our sister funds is priceless. We exchange best practices and lessons learned in relation to running grassroots funding agencies.

Equally important and inspiring is the exchange of political analyses and the specifics of… Continue

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Community Funds & Action!


From its earliest grantmaking, in 1972-3 into the 1990s, Hawaii People’s Fund supported community organizing in Honolulu’s Chinatown. The critical grassroots groups were Third Arm and People Against Chinatown Evictions (PACE).


Several continuous Hawaii People’s Fund constituents were part of these groups and one asked if we might help preserve more of the stories from this important period of strategic activism,


Hawaii People’s Fund worked with a UH student-intern in the spring/summer of 2016. Sonja Cookman put this article together. She met with about a dozen organizers from those days. She also scanned a number of original documents, organizational newsletters and media coverage. Hawaii People’s Fund was able to digitize a couple hundred old slides.


The original activists plan to come together to archive more of their memories. Hawaii People’s Fund hopes this article, the first source documents, and the ongoing work of the surviving organizers will help preserve the history and serve to inspire and inform continued struggles against evictions and gentrification and activism for access to health care, housing and dignity for all.

Click the title above or open the document below to read Sonjaʻs paper.


See more pictures by movement photographer, Ed Greevy, here: http://edgreevy.com/chinatown/2016/04/chinatown/


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