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More restaurants are providing healthy and locally sourced foods. More of us have demanded this and appreciate the response of food services. Some are pricey, but locally sourced edibles are working their way into even plate lunches.


All along the food chain, there are people at work. As conscious consumers, while we call for food security, we cannot ignore the workers’ security.


The Star-Advertiser ran a big article about the “new food philosophy at Hyatt hotels” on Sunday 6/24. The philosophy is laudable, but it’s being marketed at a time when Hyatt workers have been waiting years for a renewed contract, job security, fair treatment, and a safe workplace.


Hyatt has become one of the worst employers in the hotel industry and thousands across the country are refusing to eat, meet or sleep at a Hyatt hotel. At the same time Hyatt is promoting food that is “good for the planet and the community.”


Worker justice and food justice are interlinked. THAT is what is good for the planet and the community!

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From its earliest grantmaking, in 1972-3 into the 1990s, Hawaii People’s Fund supported community organizing in Honolulu’s Chinatown. The critical grassroots groups were Third Arm and People Against Chinatown Evictions (PACE).


Several continuous Hawaii People’s Fund constituents were part of these groups and one asked if we might help preserve more of the stories from this important period of strategic activism,


Hawaii People’s Fund worked with a UH student-intern in the spring/summer of 2016. Sonja Cookman put this article together. She met with about a dozen organizers from those days. She also scanned a number of original documents, organizational newsletters and media coverage. Hawaii People’s Fund was able to digitize a couple hundred old slides.


The original activists plan to come together to archive more of their memories. Hawaii People’s Fund hopes this article, the first source documents, and the ongoing work of the surviving organizers will help preserve the history and serve to inspire and inform continued struggles against evictions and gentrification and activism for access to health care, housing and dignity for all.

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See more pictures by movement photographer, Ed Greevy, here:


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